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LAST UPDATED- 01/07/2020


Bristol & Bath Craft Workshops have now reopened and is welcoming back students! 

Current course dates and times have been updated on our enrolment forms, which can be found on our 'how to book a course' page. 

If you have any questions about the course and any new changes, please feel free to contact me through email at

New health and safety precautions

Please adhere to the new safety regulations in our workshop and follow government advice, in order for everyone to create glass safely, as well as for our workshop to remain open for students!


Bristol & Bath Craft Workshops have introduced a number of health and safety precautions, These include:

  1. Vigorous cleaning.

  2. Students will be spaced with a minimum two metre distance between everyone. 

  3. Classes may be spaced out over two rooms to limit contact with each other. 

Lockdown creations

We would love to collect photographs of how you've kept busy, or of the creations you might have made during lock down. Please feel free to send your photographs to me at, or post them on the Facebook page, so that they might be shared here, on our website!

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